ST Filter specialises in providing dependable products and services to be used in the Industrial Bag Filtration sector.


Partnering with famous, high-quality, filter-materials manufacturers, we are able to produce premium bespoke replacement filter bags

and accessories in a wide range of non-woven needle felt and woven fabrics made of Polyester, Polypropylene, PAN, Aramid, PPS, P84, PTFE and Fiberglass.



Our global network of representatives, who are professionally trained and experienced in the industry, are able to offer bespoke solutions to fulfil your

requirements, which has lead to us becoming an industry leader in the production and supply of high quality industrial filtration bags for the past fifteen years.



ST Filters are used in the following industries:


Cement & Rock products, Chemical & Petrochemical, Coal & Fly ash, Food & Dairy, Minerals & Clay, Oil Refining, Paint and Pigments, Plastics, Pharmaceutical Primary Products, Rubber, Waste Incinerator, Asphalt, Detergents, Aluminum,

Non ferrous smelting, Wood Processing, Ceramics, Quarry, Dyestuffs, Flour mills, Milkpowder, Sugar, Fertilize, Galvanizing Plants, Lime Hydration, Coal Fired Boilers, Ceramic Industry.




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