PPS Mixed PTFE Filter Bag For Power Plant

PPS Mixed PTFE Filter Bag For Power Plant

For power plants, filtration can be a tricky requirement and may require specific equipment with a unique make and dimension. With ST Filter, custom filters don’t have to be a problem as we will customize them for you, with the dimensions, make, thickness and even capacity down to your specifications for your power plant’s optimal efficiency.

PPS Mixed PTFE Filter Bag For Power Plant

PPS Mixed PTFE Filter Bag For Power Plant
Synthetic Fibers are produced by extracting fiber forming spinnerets into air or water and woven together to create them. ST Filter has various Synthetic Fibers available and customizable to fit your company’s needs and requirements. More than just being able to customize the shape and dimensions of your bags, you as a client also get a say as to the thickness, and even the material of your filter bag without breaking your budget. Here at ST Filter, we have PPS Mixed PTFE Filter Bag that’s perfect for power plants. Synthetic Fiber Filter Bags are not only usable in power plants: – Cement Production – Steel Manufacturing – Mining – Waste Management – Waste Incineration – Wastewater purification – Food and Beverage Production and distribution – Manufacturing of medicines and pharmaceuticals – Metallurgy Processing – Chemical Plants – Food Production – Agricultural – Power Plants We also adhere to the highest standard of production especially for power plant filter bags, as we understand the importance of safety and precaution in the field. We utilize only the best quality of raw materials and the production process to ensure that no filter bag is substandard and will pass all safety features to ensure maximum efficiency despite high temperatures and humid environments. Talk to our experts today on how you can get your own customized filter bags that will fit your company’s needs and budget!

Article   Name:PPS   mixed PTFE filter bag for Power Plant
Bag size:127*8100mm
Fibre:PPS 50% +PTFE 50%
Weight   (g/m2):  600
Thickness (mm):                1.7
Density (g/cm3):              0.35
Tensile Strength:
(Sample Size 200/50 mm)   
Elongation at Break:
Length(%):             20
Cross(%):             30
Air Permeability:
(L/dm2 min. @ 200Pa):      100
Max. change of Dimensions   :
Length(%):              <1
Cross(%):               <1
Temperature Resistance:
Cont. (oC):     190 (dry)     chemical gas steam  conditions may require
Peak. (oC):     200 (dry)      a lower continuous  operation temperture

to be maintained
Surface Design/Treatment: Heat set, calendered on   one side.

PTFE coating

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