PE liquid Filter Bag

PE liquid Filter Bag

Polyester liquid filtr Bag Material: PE Bag Size: No.1/No.2/No.3/No.4 or as per your request. Application: Liquid

Here at ST Filter, we adhere to three guarantees to our clients: – To use only quality grade materials in the manufacturing of your filter bags – To give you expert advice on your filtration needs and adjust our products to them without sacrificing efficiency and cost – To always make sure that our clients are happy with the end product – Clients are partners, not customers and if the client is able to grow their business because of our filtration solutions, then we have done our job. This is why when it comes to Liquid Filter Bags, we only make sure to produce the best products, knowing that the use and function of these bags don’t only work within the power plants and manufacturing plants. Some Liquid Filter Bags also has a fisheries and aquaculture application, being used to filter out microalgae and catching rotifers as food for shrimps and vannamei, we understand that our products should be nontoxic and should follow proper safety standards upon production. We have Three types of Liquid Filter Bags: – Nylon Filter Mesh Bag – Polyester Mesh Filter Bag – PP Collar Welding Filter Bag, PP Liquid Filter Bag Are you ready to make the decision on your filtration medium or are you still having doubts on what filtration media to purchase for your company? Don’t worry! Our experts are ready to give you advice on making that decision. They have years of experience in the filtration business and are familiar with filtration for different industries. Call us today!

PE/PP/Nylon Snap ring: plastic,stainless steel or as per your request

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