Woven PTFE Filter Bag

Woven PTFE Filter Bag

Max. Continuous Operating Temperature:260°C Abrasion:Good Energy Absorption:Good Filtration Properties:Fair Moist Heat:Excellent Alkalines: Excellent Mineral Acids:Excellent Oxygen (15%+):Excellent

Woven PTFE Filter Bag

Woven PTFE Filter Bag
MOQ:5 pcs We can provide woven PTFE filter bag Heat-resistance: Max. to 260℃ Acid and alkali resistance Size: as per your request Our capacity: 1000 per day(standard product) Accept customization Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing,PTFE membrane,PTFE dipping Category: Industrial Filter Bags. Free sample can be sent on request.

Article Name:Woven PTFE filter bag
Material:Tetratex expanded PTFE membrane on Woven PTFE
Weave:4 Harness Staeen
Density   Picks/INCHWarp:33
Weight (g/m2):  280-330
Thickness (mm):                0.2-0.4
Tensile Strength:
(Sample Size 200/50 mm)   

Minimum Mullen Burst
Air Permeability:
(L/dm2 min. @ 200Pa):      19-34
Temperature Resistance:
Cont. (oC):          260 (dry)
Peak. (oC):            280 (dry)
Surface Design/Treatment: PTFE coating

Tetratex ePTFE membrane

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