PPS With Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag

PPS With Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag

A great advantage with ST Filter’s PPS with Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filtration Bags is that it enhances your filter’s efficiency and performance through surface filtration technology compared to your traditional filtration methods. Customization and adjusting of dimensions and thickness would not be a problem either! ST Filter offers customization options to address and pattern your filter bags to your company’s needs!

PPS With Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag

PPS With Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag
One of the best property of PPS, also known as Polyphenylene Sulfide Filtration media is its ability to operate at optimal efficiency on situations with oxygen content up to 9%. They also work well in high moisture and damp environments without reducing its filtration capacity. At ST Filter, we make sure that our PPS Filtration Bags are able to resist extreme temperatures and high humidity without compromising cost and quality. We only use the highest quality material with the newest manufacturing technology to give you the right filtration media for your company. ST Filter offers various types of PPS Filter Bags – PPS + PTFE Membrane Filter Bag for Power Plants – PPS Antistatic + PTFE Membrane Filter Bag – PPS Filter Bag – PPS with Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag – PPS / PPS 554 Glaze CS 31 Filter Bag – PPS with PTFE Scrim Filter Bag for Power Plant ST Filter’s PPS Filter Bags are used in various industries: Microelectronic Component – Manufacture and Assembly Companies Paint Spray Manufacturing Hospital Medical Waste Incineration Food Processing Vacuum Exhaust Filters Pharmaceutical Processing Genetic Research Equipment Intake/Exhaust Air Gas Turbine Air Intake Nuclear Containment Personal Respirators High-Temperature Residential Furnace Filters Room Air Purifiers Industrial Cleaning Industry Industrial HVAC System Compressor Inlet Filtration Air Conditioning For complete inquiries and questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to our experts on how you can get your company the right filter bags at the right size and custom fitted to your exact specifications!

PPS with Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag Specs: Tetratex 6262 (PPS with Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Material: PPS with ePTFE membrane Bag Size: 130*4500 mm or as per your request Density: 0.25 Weight (g/m2): 550 Thickness (mm): 1.7 Air Permeability (L/dm2 min. @ 200 Pa): 110 Temperature Resistance (°C): 190 – 200 Call us today and talk to our experts for advice on getting your filtration equipment!

Article Name:Tetratex 6262   (PPS with Tetratex ePTFE membrane)
Weight (g/m2):  550
Thickness (mm):                1.7
Density (g/cm3):              0.25
Tensile Strength:
(Sample Size 200/50 mm)   
Elongation at Break:
Length(%):             20
Cross(%):             30
Air Permeability:
(L/dm2 min. @ 200Pa):      20-48
Temperature Resistance:
Cont. (oC):          190 (dry)
Peak. (oC):            200 (dry)

chemical gas steam conditions may require a lower continuous operation temperture to be maintained
Surface Design/Treatment: Heat set.

Tetratex ePTFE membrane

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