Fiberglass Filter Bag With PTFE Membrane

Fiberglass Filter Bag With PTFE Membrane

High temperature resistance Corrosion resistance Dimensional stability Good dust stripping

Fiberglass Filter Bag With PTFE Membrane

Fiberglass Filter Bag With PTFE Membrane
(1) excellent temperature performance (190 ℃ ~ 260 ℃); (2) high chemical stability, it can withstand the effects of all strong acid-base, including aqua wang, strong oxidant, reducing agent and various organic solvents, except for molten alkali metals and fluorinated media; (3) outstanding non-viscous and lubricity, solid material can not adhere to its surface; (4) excellent weathering resistance, irradiation resistance and low permeability; (5) valuable incombustibility, with oxygen limitation index below 90; (6) water repellent.

Article Name:Fiberglass   with ePTFE membrane for cement application
Material:GL 800
Bag   size: as per your request
Weight   (g/m2):  800
Thickness(mm):                1.0
Tensile   Strength:(Sample Size 200/50 mm)  
Air Permeability(L/dm2 min. @ 200Pa):20-48
Minimum Mullen Burst(kg/cm2)50
Temperature   Resistance:
Cont.   (oC):          260 (dry)
Peak.   (oC):            280 (dry)
Surface Design/Treatment: Teflon B coating

PTFE membrane

Max. Continuous Operating Temperature:260°C


Energy Absorption:Fair

Filtration Properties:Fair

Moist Heat:Excellent

Alkalines: Fair

Mineral Acids:Poor

Oxygen (15%+):Excellent

MOQ:5 pcs We can provide the fiberglass non-woven filter bag, and the fiberglass woven fabric filter bag 1. Heat-resistance: Max. to 280℃ 2. Acid and alkali resistance 3.Size: as per your request Our capacity: 1000 per day(standard product) Accept customization Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing,PTFE membrane,PTFE dipping Category: Industrial Filter Bags. Free sample can be sent on request.

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