Filter Bag Made Of Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass

Filter Bag Made Of Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass

A tetratex membrane vastly improves the performance of any filter bag. With its reduced caused but maintained efficiency, it can also save you costs because of its cheaper cost in production. When it comes to efficiency and savings, Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass filter bag is definitely a smart choice for your filtration material.

Filter Bag Made Of Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass

Filter Bag Made Of Tetratex ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass
Fiberglass Filter Bags are a popular choice for most companies because of their high temperature resistance property, which makes them perfect for any kind of manufacturing business. Fiberglass Filter Bags are usually used in these various manufacturing industries: Paint Spray Manufacturing Hospital Medical Waste Incineration Compressor Inlet Filtration Air Conditioning Industrial Cleaning Industry Food Processing Microelectronic Component – Manufacture and Assembly Companies Residential Furnace Filters Room Air Purifiers Nuclear Containment Personal Respirators High-Temperature Industrial HVAC System Vacuum Exhaust Filters Pharmaceutical Processing Genetic Research Equipment Intake/Exhaust Air Gas Turbine Air Intake We have various types of Fiberglass Filter Bags: – Fiberglass with ePTFE Membrane Air Reverse Filter Bag – Fiberglass (Tetratex 6255) Fiber bag with ePTFE membrane – Fiberglass + Tetratex PTFE Membrane Filter Bag for Power Plant – Fiberglass made of Tetratex ePTFE membraneLaminated Fiberglass – Waste Incineration Filter Bag made of Fiberglass – Waste Water Incinerator Filter Bag At ST Filter, we abide only to the highest standard of manufacturing quality without sacrificing costs and efficiency. We strive to provide the best service possible to our clientele by making sure that their filtration needs are covered, and minimal hassle as much as possible thanks to our customization options. We also offer other products for your filtration needs. From manufacturing your filter bags, to your choice of cages and retainers, ST Filter will be with you giving your advice on every decision every single step of the way, from beginning to project completion! Contact us today and talk to our experts on how you can get hold of ST Filter’s Fiberglass Filter Bags for your company!

Article Name:Tetratex 6255(fiberglass with PTFE membrane)
Weight (g/m2):  750
Thickness (mm):                0.9
Tensile Strength:
(Sample Size 200/50 mm)   
Air Permeability:
(L/dm2 min. @ 200Pa):      20-48
Temperature Resistance:
Cont. (oC):          260 (dry)
Peak. (oC):            280 (dry)
Surface Design/Treatment: Teflon coating

PTFE membrane

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