filter paper

filter paper

ST Filter’s Woven Polyester Antistatic Filter Bag does not only reduce static and clinging on unwanted particles on the filter bag but has also a high permeability which means pure air can easily pass through without reducing the material’s filtration efficiency.

Polyester is a common ingredient in filter bag manufacturing everywhere. What sets ST Filter’s Polyester Filter Bag line is our ability to customize not only the dimensions but other aspects of the bag to fit your company’s needs and specifications. This means no more adjustment on the part of the client, and it also has the guidance and expertise of our experienced staff. Polyester, for those unfamiliar, belongs to a category of polymers that’s common in PET bottles or plastics. This type of material is what ST Filter uses in manufacturing our filter bags to ensure maximum filtration potential. Polyester Filter Bags can be applied in various industries: – Wastewater purification – Food and Beverage Production and distribution – Manufacturing of medicines and pharmaceuticals – Cement Production – Steel Manufacturing – Mining – Waste Management – Waste Incineration – Metallurgy Processing – Chemical Plants – Food Production – Agricultural – Power Plants We have several types of polyester filter bags – PE + Antistatic Fiber (PANCu Fiber) Filter Bag – PE / PE 554 Water Repellent Filter Bag for Stainless Steel – Water Repellent Polyester Filter Bag for Cement Plants – Woven Polyester Antistatic Filter Bag – Welded Seam of Polyester ePTFE Membrane Filter Bag Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to our staff into getting your filter bags for your filtration requirements. We will be happy to assist you not only in customization, but also in choosing what filtration media fits your company’s needs and your budget.

Filter paper is a semi-permeable paper barrier placed perpendicular to a liquid or air flow. 

It is used to separate fine substances from liquids or air.

 It is used in science labs to remove solids from liquids. 

This can be used to remove sand from water.

Filter paper has various properties. The important parameters are wet strength, porosity, particle retention, volumetric flow rate, compatibility, efficiency and capacity.

There are two mechanisms of filtration with paper; volume and surface. By volume filtration the particles are caught in the bulk of the filter paper. By surface filtration the particles are caught on the paper surface. Filter paper is mostly used because even a small piece of filter paper will absorb a significant volume of liquid



MOQ:8000m2(1.6M *5000M)

Package: pallet

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